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  • Elena
  • I have learned Chinese for several years. I changed more than 3 teachers. I need a systemic and efficient studying. And I want to know more about china , Chinese and Chinese culture. Then my friend introduced me Mandarin Garden. What the teacher there gav
  • Alicia
  • Through the Chinese culture activities, I make many friends from all over the world. I learnt how to make dumplings, rice dumplings and flower arrangement. I like the activities of Mandarin Garden. They enriched my life in Shanghai.
  • Conni
  • I am glad to study in Mandarin Garden. My teacher is very nice and helpful, and the staff of the school is nice to me. I love Chinese and I love to learn Chinese. It’s very practical. I will try to learn it well.
  • Pierre
  • Mandarin Garden is a great place to get to know Chinese culture and to learn Chinese.They offer plenty of activities for an even profounder knowledge.The atmosphere is professional and at the same time relaxed.
  • Niels
  • I don’t like studying in a boring class. i wish my teacher can always be passionate and push me to study further. In Mandarin Garden, I found the right teacher for me and now I enjoy my class very much. Thanks a lot.
  • Tomas
  • I have compared several schools before my decision. I want to learn Chinese well and I also like to know Chinese culture. And I think the attitude of the teacher, the consultant here are all very positive. I like to stay with them and get the care from th



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