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  • Kevin
  • I'm having a wondeful time here,meeting interesting people and trying to learn this very difficult language.Mandarin Garden is doing a terrific job.I wish I could stay longer and learn more about China.One things is certain:I'll be back!I lv my teacher!
  • Elena
  • I have learned Chinese for several years. I changed more than 3 teachers. I need a systemic and efficient studying. And I want to know more about china , Chinese and Chinese culture. Then my friend introduced me Mandarin Garden.
  • 劉曉陽
  • 儒森漢語的老師非常優秀,作為一個剛剛觸及對外漢語的學生來說,儒森所教授的課程有很強的啟發性。對外漢語教室應當是一個具有相當難度、挑戰性的職業。由于教學受眾是外國人,所以相比中小學語文老師,對外漢語老師更肩負了在一定程度上傳播中國文化的任務。
  • Niels
  • Mandarin Garden is a great place to get to know Chinese culture and to learn Chinese.They offer plenty of activities for an even profounder knowledge.The atmosphere is professional and at the same time relaxed.
  • 朱敏
  • 儒森教我們的的教學方式很不錯,清晰而且有新意,能引起外國學生的興趣。老師上課的內容很豐富。白天班、晚上班、周末班的內容都一樣,偶爾缺課了,很容易就能補回來。看得出來,他們的教學模式已經很成熟,很穩定,趨于完美。
  • Tomas
  • I have learned Chinese for several years. I changed more than 3 teachers. I need a systemic and efficient studying. And I want to know more about china , Chinese and Chinese culture. Then my friend introduced me Mandarin Garden. What the teacher there gav
  • 孫燕
  • 了解這個行業后,覺得很有意思。憑著興趣想要學習如何成為一個對外漢語老師,但是真正學習后就覺得做一個好老師是很有壓力的,對漢語需要有深刻的認識。讓一個和自己完全不同思維、習俗的外國人找我我們的漢語還真是不容易啊!所以我要努力學習,這樣才能讓更多的外國人學習漢語,希望以后全世界的人民都說漢語,呵呵!最好給老外也設個漢語托福、雅思之類的考試,用周杰倫的歌給他們測試聽力。
  • Alicia
  • Through the Chinese culture activities, I make many friends from all over the world. I learnt how to make dumplings, rice dumplings and flower arrangement. I like the activities of Mandarin Garden. They enriched my life in Shanghai.
  • 嚴冰
  • 我認為對外漢語是很有意義的,可以將中國文化的魅力傳播出去,對外漢語老師也很高尚,不過,我認為對外漢語老師應該對自己嚴格要求,必須要有很深的文化底蘊,像上海儒森漢語的老師一樣,這樣才可以傳播中國文化,否則會丟中國人的臉。儒森的老師上課都很好,很認真,每天的內容都很大,能學到很多東西。上課時稍一走神,就漏掉好多有用的東西。
  • Conni
  • I am glad to study in Mandarin Garden. My teacher is very nice and helpful, and the staff of the school is nice to me. I love Chinese and I love to learn Chinese. It’s very practical. I will try to learn it well.

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